Know From Ron Forrester How SEO and Content Marketing Are Tied to A String

As digital marketing is taking over the entire market slowly but steadily, there are new techniques that are actually taking a grip over the entire scenario. And as you take a step ahead every single day, there are ought to be some confusion popping up in the head of the SEO analysts. The biggest of all confusion is the existence of SEO and Content Marketing in one single ground. But are they odds at all that they cannot fit under the same umbrella? There are hundreds of research work where the SEO experts have shared their technical knowledge and personal experience stating that they are just the two sides of the same coin, and hence complementary for each other.

But the real question is why? Ron Forrester, who is himself a digital marketing specialist and has been delivering SEO services to the client believes that before finding the answer to the question, it is essential that one gets to know the problem. The very crux of the problem lies in the fact that they have been separated right at its inception as if they are as different as water and oil which can never mix. However, the truth is a bit separate than the real scenario- they go together, they overlap, cohere and blend.

While making some Google search regarding the co-existence of SEO and Content marketing, you will definitely find articles and questions in open forums where people keep asking whether Content marketing will be taking over SEO completely. According to Ron Forrester, this actually makes no sense. How can content marketing take over SEO when it is the mutual existence of the both that would lead to a positive result?

The problem lies in somewhere else. There are indeed some companies and service providers who have failed to understand the necessity of coexistence of these two subjects. And their constant effort to try achieving success based on only one of them have led to such questions in the market. Obviously, there will be some differences between the both and they are distinguished from each other in the critical areas.

However there is just two difference that might strike one while focusing on SEO and content marketing- while SEO, on one hand, is merely technical and hence the scope is narrower, content marketing on the other is much broader in scope and is has got a holistic approach. However, there are ways how they actually converge at one single point.

  • The only way through which merely technical SEO can have a broader scope in the market is by making the best use of content marketing.
  • Similarly, the only way content marketing can find success in the market is by applying the SEO techniques during the implementation.

So as you get a vivid scenario of how content marketing and SEO is ought to walk hand in hand, you must now rectify your mistake every time you’ve tried separating each other. Not all in this world can work as an individual force. Success lies in the mutual presence of both.

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