Prepare Elementary School Students For A Field Trip And Keep Track Of Each Pupil

If an elementary school class will be attending a field trip to a local zoo, teachers can prepare their students for the outing and keep track of children while visiting a public venue by following the tips below. If the tips prove to be beneficial, staff members at a school can utilize the same options for additional visits to public locations.

Discuss Rules And Regulations And Pair Up Students

Before a school attends a social event, teachers should discuss rules and regulations that need to be followed while riding on a bus and walking through a zoo. For instance, each teacher should stress the importance of remaining with a class and listening for instructions when a group arrives at a destination.

Children should not be permitted to feed animals at a zoo or enter a gift shop or restroom without being chaperoned. If children are paired up with classmates, each pair can watch out for one another while on a trip and notify a teacher if a problem occurs.

Provide A Lanyard That Can Contain Identification Cards

Lanyards are fabric strips that are sewn together to form a loop. A lanyard can be worn around each child’s neck and a photograph of each student can be secured to a lanyard.

If a student’s name and the name of their school are printed on an identification card, a child can receive assistance if they are separated from their class. Staff members at a zoo can notify a school that a student was found and can make arrangements to bring a child to their teacher.

Offer Shirts That Have Names Printed On Them

Fabric paint can be used to write the name of a school on the front side of cotton shirts. If students’ names are going to be added to a shirt, they can be written across a pocket or the top corner of a garment.

If everyone wears the same type of shirt, it will be easy to spot specific students if they wander away from their classmates. By identifying the name of a school on each garment, children will be quickly reunited with their teachers if they become lost.

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