Some Most Beautiful Resorts in Bali with Unique Concept

Most Beautiful Resorts in Bali become other things offered by this island. This island has become so famous as great tourism destinations. Beaches, forests, temples and other places are some of the destinations to find in Bali. There are also some resorts with great design and concept to offer comfortable place for staying during the holiday in Bali. The resorts are nice to choose and staying in the resorts will never make the travelers bored. The example of these beautiful resorts is Sapulidi Bali. This is the great resort to choose. The resort is the great escape for travelers who have been so bored seeing crowd of people. In this resort, they will only find awesome nature with greenery and large pond. There are cottages to choose as place to stay. If the guests want to experience swimming with fish, they can swim in fish pond. If they do not like it, there is also private pool to choose. The concept of its decoration is also nice, so guests will be very comfortable staying in this resort.

Then, Bali also has some Most Beautiful Resorts in Bali with eco-friendly concept. These resorts are nice to choose because of the environment and its construction concept. In this case, there are some resorts with the theme of bamboo, and they are so beautiful.

  • First, there is Kali Manik Eco Resort. This is a truly eco resort that use bamboo as the main material of the resort. The resorts provide some cottages built from bamboo. The cottage has traditional design, so they look like the traditional house. However, the interior is nice and modern in order to make sure that the guests will get the best experience and comfort.
  • Then, there is Eco Bamboo Home with Water Wheel located in Selat, Bali. This resort is also nice with its bamboo construction. The nice and beautiful thing is not only about the bamboo as the main material of buildings. The environment and surroundings of this resort is also exotic. The environment will make the guests feel at home.
  • Sharma Springs Bamboo House is the next resort with theme of bamboo. This resorts offer nice and sustainable design in its buildings. Then, the view of mountain makes the guests comfortable. The mountain wind may also make the body and mind refreshed.

If travelers still looking for other suggestions of Most Beautiful Resorts in Bali, there is Mara River Safari Lodge. This place has a concept of safari resort. It means that the resort is combined with the open safari. Because of that, it is very possible for travelers to see some awesome animals. There are tigers, zebras, rhinos, lions, and other kinds of animal. It is like staying in the midst of forest or zoo. Of course, guests can have experience of feeding the animal. Enjoying meals with the view of those animal can also be done since they are everywhere and every corner of this resort enables the guests to see those exotic animals. Surely, this is a good alternative for staying, especially for the animal lovers.

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